Meeting the Challenges of Workforce Management

The workplace has changed. That means managing labor costs is more critical than ever before. In today’s business environment, you need to have the right software to manage time and attendance so that your business can maintain its agility and success. Priority Time Systems answers the challenge with a real-time solution that schedules, collects, calculates and reports employee time with the flexibility and the reliability that you demand. Available as either a licensed solution or software as a service (SaaS), Priority Time Systems allows organizations to plan, track and manage timekeeping operations and labor costs.

Priority Time Systems is a powerful product that makes it easy for you to simplify and automate administering your time and labor resources. You’ll see immediate results with enhanced bottom-line profitability. In fact, businesses typically save 3-5% of total annual payroll costs with Priority Time Systems. That’s because we’re the right timekeeping system. And the right timekeeping system proactively controls labor costs, captures correct employee time, prepares accurate and timely payrolls, and calculates Wage & Hour compliance.

Companies are discovering that regardless of their product or service, employees are their most valuable resource. Employee productivity and satisfaction are the difference between your company’s success or its failure. With a diversity of system features, Priority Time Systems enables you to:

  • Eliminate buddy punching
  • Manage employee time and attendance with accuracy
  • Prepare timely payrolls with unmatched reliability and flexibility
  • Calculate job and labor costs to control expenses
  • Track employee benefits and vacations
  • Efficiently create single or multiple employee schedules
  • Integrate with emPath or other major payroll/HR systems, as well as accounting, ERP and other business applications
  • Work within an integrated, scalable framework that can grow as your needs grow

Answering Needs Across the Business Spectrum

Employee management technology has steadily advanced, from punch cards and timeclocks to the Internet and biometrics. That means your approach to installing and planning your workforce management solutions must advance as well.

Implementing a competitive time and labor management system means understanding the impact that the new technology will have on your current business plans, and then integrating your new system with your business methods. To address these issues, we have developed a structured “customer evaluation” approach to ensure that our application meets your needs. It’s our unique methodology for working in partnership with you. Our evaluation draws upon the many resources of Priority Time Systems, from advanced technology solutions to implementation and expansion across the enterprise. Our focus is always on providing the right solution, regardless of your size or your business.

Our evaluation system is designed to:

  • Create an accurate and detailed assessment of your needs, based on your stated objectives, and develop a partnership with management and key personnel
  • Ensure you acquire the appropriate mix of products, services and technologies to reach your goals for today, as well as for the future
  • Implement solutions in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner
  • Provide project management guidance and services during implementation
  • Help you choose the appropriate level of service and support to ensure your continued satisfaction

The Only Solution for Time and Labor Management

As the technology leader in innovative workforce management solutions, Priority Time Systems delivers results to clients across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, retail, hospitality, government and education. Companies know they can turn to Priority Time Systems for solutions and answers specific to their industry.

Priority Time Systems exceeds client expectations by providing vision, solutions and positive results across all industries. If you want to improve workforce productivity, automate time and attendance processes and control your labor costs, count on Priority Time Systems.