Vertical Computer Systems Inc. Retains Avenel Alliance as Marketing and Strategic Planning Counsel; Avenel to Advise On Corporate Expansion and Development of Its Home Country Gateways

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 26, 2000-- Vertical Computer Systems Inc. (OTCBB:VCSY - news) today announced that its has retained Avenel Alliance Inc. to provide strategic planning, marketing and business development services for its network of international portals.

Avenel Alliance will be creating partners and revenue opportunities for the various channels within Vertical Computer Systems Inc.'s Home Country Gateways.

Additionally, Avenel Alliance will be developing a quantifiable marketing plan with Vertical Computer Systems Inc. for customer acquisition with each of its country-specific partnerships.

Avenel Alliance, a subsidiary of Avenel Ventures Inc., creates global e-commerce strategies, performs business development, sales and marketing services, merger and acquisition functions, and Web site analysis for its partner companies or other organizations. Avenel Alliance has assembled a staff, seasoned in e-commerce operations, with expertise in creating valuable relationships and providing direction for its partners' companies with the goal of enhancing shareholder value.

Avenel Alliance will be focusing two of its key staff members with significant e-commerce and technology marketing backgrounds on Vertical Computer Systems Inc.'s project, Steve Iaconis and Chris Anderson. Steve Iaconis, senior vice president, e-commerce, was part of the original marketing team for and was responsible for several revenue-generating divisions within the organization. Chris Anderson, senior vice president of technology, has developed and marketed technology offerings for several organizations within the financial industry including and Gallagher Financial.

``Vertical Computer Systems is looking to Avenel Alliance to assist in creating the direction and relationships that will create value for our entire network of portals,'' said Richard Wade, president of Vertical Computer Systems Inc.

``The Home Country Gateways that Vertical Computer Systems is building are the next generation for portals and search engines on the Internet,'' added Peter Schott, president of Avenel Alliance. ``The ability to access and connect multi-national markets, with e-commerce and multilingual capabilities is where every portal and search engine is heading. Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. has a significant head start on the rest of the field.''

About Vertical Computer Systems

Vertical Computer Systems Inc. is a leading multi-lingual portal provider, software developer and e-commerce solutions company based in the U.S. The company provides a full range of Internet services that include building e-commerce solutions nationally and internationally, distributing content via multi-lingual portal networks ( ( and e-mail services (

VCSY also acquired -- a one-stop Internet travel center, which can be visited at The company is also a leading developer of proprietary software for the Internet, including the Emily(TM) (MLE) Framework, a programming language that enables the creation of Web sites that use the XML standard and intercommunicate via XML and HTTP, and online gaming software ( For more information, visit the company's Web site at