Vertical Computer Systems Inc. Signs Co-Branding Agreement with Webbe Inc.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Sept. 21, 2000 -- Vertical Computer Systems Inc. (OTCBB:VCSY) today announced that it signed a co-branding agreement with Webbe Inc.

-- Webbe's real-time communication and collaboration tools available on VCSY's international portal network

The co-branding agreement allows VCSY to customize Webbe, a real-time communication and collaboration tool for Internet users, and incorporate it into VCSY's existing international network of multi-lingual portals. VCSY is developing an international network of multi-lingual portals or Home Country Gateways (HCGs). These gateways are developed in selected countries using local partners who provide country-specific expertise, capital and/or content.

Webbe is a downloadable client application and is designed to simplify communication, navigation and information delivery via the Internet. An important tool designed to facilitate global communication is the instant foreign-language translation function in the chat module. Users can translate instant messages from English to Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German as well as to English from Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

As the user types in his or her language, the words are translated instantly, allowing the conversation to flow naturally. In addition, the translated words are accompanied by the foreign words in parenthesis to provide a point of reference for the sender.

Webbe's core messaging vehicle is the eNote, which allows users to broadcast distinct yellow notes to a colleague's computer screen faster than e-mail. The eNote is a next-generation tool enabling Internet users to successfully implement real-time communication in a secure and focused way. The Webbe Internet platform, with its flagship eNote function, will now be available to a wider audience of Internet users through VCSY's international portal network.

VCSY chose the Webbe software as a natural extension to its previously announced Letter of Intent to acquire the license for the source code for WebAddressBook, a Web-based information management system for individuals and businesses, from Inc. This agreement has been finalized and the WebAddressBook will soon be available through VCSY's portal network.

``For millions of people online today, English is not their primary language. Yet, almost all Web content is still only in English. The ability to automatically translate real-time messages, and ultimately content, into multiple languages will help to expand the Web's reach,'' said Mark Chambers, President and CEO of Webbe Inc.

``Through strategic partnerships with companies like VCSY, which provide front-door access to users through their worldwide portals, Webbe will continue to be on the cutting-edge of delivering solutions to a global Internet audience.''

``Webbe makes the perfect complement to our growing network of international portals or Home Country Gateways (HCGs). Webbe's features, including the eNote and instant foreign-language translation, are essential for VCSY's international business operations.

``The HCG is a mechanism to distribute VCSY's products, services and technology to huge potential audiences -- Webbe's real-time communications tools help us to execute our business plan more effectively and move VCSY to the next level,'' said VCSY's President Richard Wade.

``Webbe manages the functions from a single place on the computer screen making easy and intuitive what was often complex and confusing. Ultimately, Webbe will help us create sticky sites that create repeat users,'' added Wade.

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