ResponseFlash(TM) Deployment at Emergency Communications Agency

FORT WORTH, Texas, June 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. (OTC: VCSY - News) announced today that it has completed the customization of its proprietary ResponseFlash(TM) to the specifications of the Metropolitan Emergency Communication Agency ("MECA") in Marion County, Indiana, which includes the city of Indianapolis.

ResponseFlash(TM) enables communication of emergency response and preparedness information and services via the Web to its diverse group of quasi-affiliated police, fire and related consequence and mitigation directors and responders.

After two years of customization by VCSY for MECA, ResponseFlash(TM) features a dynamic Web-based content management system specifically designed to deliver a cost-effective comprehensive solution by providing web portal frequent content updates. These updates are immediately distributed across an unlimited number of potential affiliates or departments regardless of their individual identity, unique applications or interface appearance.

The system provides a new, secure and highly scalable, multi-modal, infrastructure with "device-driven diversity" -- meaning a system that could deal with multiple connectivity models and communication protocols simultaneously. The system also offers the capability to supply emergency preparedness information to its government entities quickly and efficiently without compromising the unique identity and custom applications of each target affiliate site, while supporting multiple languages on their Web site. ResponseFlash(TM) also marks the first deployment of SureLog(TM), a unique multi-level security access login system that allows a combination of group and access level security. SureLog(TM) was developed by VCSY based on MECA's specifications.

Linn Piper, Director of the Metropolitan Emergency Communications Agency, stated: "We have a critical mission to provide for the safety of our citizens. The introduction of ResponseFlash capability will provide an extra web-based dimension and will assist in improving our ability to provide first-rate communications for our emergency personnel."

Richard Wade, President and CEO of VCSY stated: "Preparations are now underway to offer of ResponseFlash to other government agencies. There are approximately 30,000 local cities, counties and other governmental agencies that currently could greatly benefit from the use of the ResponseFlash(TM) capabilities."

About MECA

Metropolitan Emergency Communications Agency ("MECA") is the governing body of the Consolidated City of Indianapolis and Marion County public safety communications systems and computer facilities district.


Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. (VCSY) is a multinational provider of administrative software, Internet core technologies, and derivative software application products through its distribution network. VCSY's main administrative software product is emPath 6.3, which is developed and distributed by NOW Solutions, Inc., the Company's subsidiary. VCSY's primary Internet core technologies include SiteFlash, ResponseFlash, NewsFlash, and the Emily XML Scripting Language, which can be used to build web services. Information on VCSY and its products can be obtained on the World Wide Web at

About ResponseFlash(TM)

ResponseFlash(TM) provides a unique solution through its "massive affiliation" technology for supporting hundreds of Web sites that may have complex relationships with each other. The ResponseFlash(TM) architecture is based on VCSY's underpinning SiteFlash(TM) patent-pending proprietary web technology, which is a dynamic Web-based content management system that separates form, function, and content. A typical ResponseFlash(TM) installation will create a main portal site for emergency services and multiple departmental Web sites for related agencies, such as local fire, police, health care and other entities. Each agency or department using the system can have complete control of its own Web site content, as well as discussion forums, user security profiles, event calendars, look and feel, and structure without being forced to purchase or maintain its own applications for these functions. At the same time, the main portal can retain the ability to "flash" emergency content updates to each departmental site as necessary, depending on its relationship with each agency. Individual agencies and departments can also share content and design templates among themselves.

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