Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. Announces Launch of Its Emily XML Enabler Agent Software

LOS ANGELES, Jun 28, 2000 (BUSINESS WIRE)- First-to-market cutting edge software XML agent tool which enables advanced interoperability in B2Bi/B2Gi e-commerce Allows different computing systems to cohesively talk to one another and lowers cost of doing business

Capitalizing on the rapid emergence of standardization to XML and a growing need for seamless exchange of information and data from enterprise to enterprise, Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. VCSY unveiled today its first in a series of XML-based solution tools, the Emily XML Enabler Agent(TM) (patent pending).

The Emily XML Enabler Agent, a server-based software tool, will allow businesses to easily extend their scope of B2Bi (business-to-business integration), and B2Gi (business-to-government integration) capabilities. In addition, with the XML Enabler Agent tool, users will gain a higher level of productivity and advanced platform interoperability when used on its own or in conjunction with other recently announced programs such as Microsoft's BizTalk.

Using the Emily XML Enabler Agent, enterprises can securely share relational database information with XML application programs, Web crawlers and other XML clients over the Web. In particular, enterprises can easily create B2B systems directly from their SQL databases, making, for example, product catalogs seamlessly available to XML-based buying programs.

The Emily XML Enabler Agent is the first in a series of building-block solutions which the company will be developing and releasing as part of its overall Emily Framework Solutions Suite product strategy. This Suite will be powered by VCSY's MLE (Markup Language Executive). MLE is a high-level scripting and rapid development environment extremely well suited for the growing demands of the e-commerce marketplace.

"The launch of our Emily XML Enabler Agent is a critical milestone in the company's growth. XML technology is rapidly becoming a standard for exchanging data between different computer systems, and we believe we are at the cutting edge of that trend," said VCSY President Richard Wade.

"We recently hired Jeff Davison on a full-time basis to complete the development of the entire Emily Framework Solutions Suite we plan to release in phases. Jeff designed and invented the Emily scripting language and framework. He has now developed Emily(TM) into a commercial software product and VCSY is currently building a Web site which can explain and demonstrate the Emily platform to third parties," added Mr. Wade.

Luiz Valdetaro, VCSY's Chief Technology Officer, said, "The Emily XML Enabler is the first commercially viable product to be powered by VCSY's powerful proprietary MLE (Emily) software. We currently see a lack of easy-to-integrate XML solutions in the marketplace, and we believe our technology fills that void. Furthermore, XML e-commerce will redefine the future of commerce over the Internet. VCSY's Emily product is an XML-enabling technology which can jump-start e-commerce communications and ultimately increase an organization's efficiency and profitability."

Emily is a programming language that allows B2B Web page builders to design Web sites that use the XML standard and intercommunicate via XML and HTTP.

Microsoft, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Oracle and Sun Microsystems, along with startups such as BowStreet, Web Methods and others, are all working on technologies to deliver services over the Web. These companies along with Vertical Computer Systems all share the same vision: providing solutions that allow enterprises with different legacy systems to seamlessly talk to one another. XML will be the common denominator for enterprises to realize the full potential of the Internet.

Beta copies will be released July 31, 2000 and general availability is planned for August 30, 2000. Registration available for Beta test participation, and information can be found at Price to be announced.

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