Expatriate Leaders Support theUSBridge.com And Its New “Americans Abroad” Initiative

LOS ANGELES, CA, May 2, 2001 – Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. (OTCBB:VCSY) reported today that representatives of leading organizations of expatriate Americans and a senior US Congressman have enthusiastically joined forces with theUSBridge.com to use the Internet to serve the needs of some 6 million U.S. citizens living abroad.

At a National Press Club meeting in Washington DC on April 25, 2001, Congressman David Dreier (R-CA), chairman of the House Rules Committee, stated, “theUSBridge.com is to be congratulated on focusing on the needs of Americans abroad.” He added that Congress is currently studying several pieces of legislation designed to better serve Americans living and working in foreign countries.

Basil Nikas, spokesman for theUSBridge.com and a veteran of expatriate causes, said “We are committed to providing essential information and channels of communication for Americans around the world and their families and helping them access the web sites of public and private sector organizations.”

Organizations pledging cooperation with theUSBridge.com campaign included global women’s clubs and Foreign Service family support groups as well as business and professional associations. Mette Beecroft, President of the auxiliary representing families of foreign service employees in more than 250 foreign posts, told the group “there has been tremendous improvement in the past 30 years but we still need help in several key areas. This program is certainly a positive step in that direction.”

John W. Adams, who is the author of the leading book in the field, Expatriate Handbook, and editor of a global newsletter offering tips to business leaders living around the world, said, “Millions of Americans living and working overseas need considerably more information and support. Clearly, theUSBridge.com is undertaking a most worthwhile initiative with professionalism.”

Dale Koepenick, who represented the federation of international American women’s clubs, echoed his enthusiasm, saying, “Americans overseas need more information and assistance in voter registration, taxation and employment issues and in tracking what is happening at home.”

In announcing theUSBridge.com’s commitment to expatriates on behalf of its parent company, Vertical Computer Systems, Inc., President Richard Wade stated, “There is an entire community of retirees, students, military personnel with dependents and other folks working in the private sector, that has been largely ignored. We are determined to use theUSBridge.com as a gateway for all of them and their families to stay in touch and keep them informed. It is a classic example of the Internet’s potential at its best.”

A new feature on theUSBridge.com, the “Expatriates Resource Center” will serve the interests of Americans around the world by providing current and useful online news and information about their home country, including travel and relocation services, voting and taxes, insurance and healthcare, education, retirement and citizenship issues.

Under its motto “Your Home Away From Home,” theUSBridge.com offers a special new feature for web users, including the expatriates worldwide: a free Family Web Page with a customizable template and easy access to e-mail, forums, chat features and organizers to keep in touch with families back home in the U.S. This free Family Web Page allows each user to:

    • Share pictures (Each user can upload, edit and change 10 pictures at a time) and get friends and family feedback and comments
    • Post family news
    • Secure and private access to your Web page for only those whom you authorize

In addition to its new “Expatriate Resource” features, theUSBridge.com features:

    • Smart Web search powered by EMILY™, Vertical’s proprietary XML technology
    • VCSY’s “ThePostmaster.net” service using free, proprietary e-mail
    • A Personal Information Manager – including address book, scheduler and on-line file storage
    • Proprietary chat rooms and informative forums
    • Real-time local and international news feeds
    • Complete travel services
    • Instant messaging
    • Games (single and multiplayer)
    • Live chat with simultaneous translation capabilities
    • Free PC-to-PC voice calling & free calls to US toll free numbers from anywhere in the world

A Web cast of the April 25th meeting is available in the Company’s electronic archives at www.theUSBridge.com.

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