Vertical Computer Systems Announces Official Launch Of The Brazil Bridge

LOS ANGELES, Apr 24, 2000 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. (OTC:VCSYE) announced today the official release date for the launch of its Portuguese portal - The Portuguese language portal offers web surfers a proprietary internet search engine and Portuguese real time news, both written with Vertical Computer System's proprietary MLE (Emily) Markup Language Executive, free e-mail, free organizer, online chat and forums, electronic shopping, news, sports, games, online radio and a business center. This search engine incorporates multiple web crawlers to keep the site up-to-date, and includes the ability to suggest URLs. In addition to performing HTML-based queries, the Brazil Bridge is XML enabled, allowing XML parsers, such as the Emily program or other standard parsers, to make queries and obtain the results in XML format. This provides a unique and powerful programmatic interface to the search engine.

The introduction of is the second in a series of new international portals currently being developed by Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. Current plans are to develop a series of portals in the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim. Additionally, (concurrently) Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. commences to adapt this new technology to, its Chinese portal.

Richard Wade, Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. President stated, "We are pleased to announce the release of the new Portuguese language portal This big project has been done in only four weeks and we were able to assemble more than half a million URLs and sites for the search engine. This was only possible because of MLE unique technology and the joined efforts of our portal development team, comprised of our American and Brazilian technical staff, provided by our partners, Zap Quotes, SA., under the general supervision of Luiz Valdetaro, Vertical's Chief Technology Officer."

About Vertical Computer Systems

Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. is a multi-lingual portal provider, and e-commerce solutions company, based in the United States. The Company provides a full range of Internet services that include building e-commerce solutions nationally and internationally, distributing content via its multi- lingual portal network (; and Internet services ( Through its majority-owned subsidiary, Externet World, Inc., the Company provides online shopping services ( and proprietary online gaming software ( Vertical Computer Systems is committed to building e-commerce communities on the Internet in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Pacific Rim.

SOURCE: Vertical Computer Systems, Inc.