Vertical Computer Systems Acquires 60% Majority Interest In HRIS/PAYROLL from Ross Systems, Inc.; HRIS/PAYROLL revenues for the year ended 6/30/2000 were $8.4 million

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 13, 2001 -- Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. (OTCBB:VCSY), a provider of Web commerce solutions, today announced that through Now Solutions, LLC, it has acquired a 60% majority interest in the Renaissance CS® Human Resources and Payroll (“HRIS/PAYROLL”) product division from Ross Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: ROSS). HRIS/PAYROLL, used by over 200 companies in North America, is a widely supported human resources software system.

For the calendar year ended June 30, 2000, the HRIS/PAYROLL division had revenue of $8.4 million with adjusted EBITDA of $3.3 million.

The 100% acquisition of HRIS/PAYROLL was completed through an asset purchase by Now Solutions, LLC, in consideration for $6.1 million. The purchase price consisted of $5.1 million in cash and a promissory note in the amount of $1 million payable over two years. Vertical Computer Systems owns a 60% stake in Now Solutions, LLC.

Coast Business Credit, a division of Southern Pacific Bank, financed Now Solutions’ acquisition of HRIS/PAYROLL by providing a $5.5 million term loan and a $1.5 million line of credit secured by HRIS/PAYROLL receivables.

The transaction provides an immediate revenue and cash flow source for VCSY, a potential distribution base for VCSY’s products and cost savings through managerial efficiencies between VCSY and HRIS/PAYROLL. VCSY’s management also sees opportunities to add value to the HRIS/PAYROLL system through selective applications of its proprietary Emilyä software.

“This acquisition synergistically fits with VCSY’s current business model. As a result of this acquisition, we are adding the industry-recognized HRIS/PAYROLL system to the expanding technology portfolio that we offer companies worldwide,” commented Richard Wade, VCSY’s President.

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