Vertical Computer Systems Inc. Announces Availability of Emily™ XML Enabler Agent for Purchase, Public Download Will allow small businesses to compete with large organizations in e-commerce

LOS ANGELES – February 20, 2001 — Vertical Computer Systems Inc. (OTCBB: VCSY), a leading provider of Web commerce solutions, today announced that its Emily™ XML Enabler Agent is available for public purchase and download. It is available at for Windows NT and Windows 2000 systems.

Emily XML Enabler Agent is new XML system software that radically speeds the creation of business Web sites. XML, or Extensible Markup Language, is recognized as a vital standard for Web sites created by businesses and government agencies worldwide. The software allows users to create XML content from relational databases faster and easier than with traditional XML programming techniques, and then to publish this content to XML broker sites on the Web. IBM Corp. (NYSE:IBM) recently featured VCSY’s EMILY technology as an innovation leader on IBM’s new showcase Web site,

Emily XML Enabler Agent brings the power and flexibility of a very high-level language, or VHLL, to the creation and management of business Web sites. Large corporations and U.S. government agencies have made substantial commitments to using XML in creating sites accessed by commercial partners and the general public. Enterprises with data repositories – from product catalogs to public records and beyond – can now publish that data, including that found on some legacy systems – into a Web-based XML format.

“This represents a significant step forward in our deployment of Emily,” said Jeff Davison, Chief Software Officer for VCSY. “In addition to offering a first look at a 100-percent Emily application, the XML Enabler Agent provides important functionality to the Web at large. For the first time, ordinary users will be able to publish product catalogs, scientific data, and other XML documents for general use on the World Wide Web. We see this as an important step forward in wiring the Web with XML. In particular, the XML Enabler Agent will allow small businesses and enterprises to compete with large organizations in the e-commerce arena.”

A single copy of the Emily XML Enabler Agent, Standard Edition, is priced at $495 and includes an authorization code with no time limit and 30 days of technical support.

The Professional Edition, priced at $995, includes 90 days of technical support, authorization coding with no time limit, XML Broker Software, templates and utilities, a hard copy of the XML Enabler Agent Operator’s Manual and a CD-ROM containing full XML Enabler Agent software and documentation. Also, an upgrade from an existing authorized user’s Standard Edition to the Professional Edition is available for an additional fee.

The newly redesigned Web site also offers a limited time free trial version of the Agent (offer expires on March 31, 2001), a support area, and additional product information and resources for both XML users and developers. Also, to support the publishing interface for the Agent, Emily XML Broker has been installed at and These sites allow users to publish product information and other data to the Web for general use by the public.

About Vertical Computer Systems, Inc.

Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of Web-based multilingual gateways, developer of proprietary software, and e-commerce solutions. The Company is based in the United States. VCSY's products and services, technology and distribution channels complement each other and are supported by its e-commerce business model, the Home Country Gateway (HCG). Utilizing its growing global network of online HCGs, the Company offers B2B, B2G and B2C solutions through its wide range of accessible resources that specifically cater to the needs and desires of targeted communities around the world. VCSY has also acquired – a complete online travel information center at

At present, VCSY has five HCGs in operation:,,,,, and is working to establish other HCG partnerships. The Company is continuously developing EmilyTM solutions, (, proprietary XML-based technology providing unique software for e-commerce, information technologies, Web-based data management and process control. VCSY also offers a free, easy and personalized email service for all Web users ( For more information, visit the Company's Web site at

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