Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. and Ploinks, Inc. Engage Stephen Rossetti as an Advisor and Spokesperson for Ploinks®

Richardson, Texas, September 5, 2017--Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. (“Vertical”) (OTCBB: VCSY) and its subsidiary Ploinks, Inc. announced today that Stephen Rossetti has been engaged as a spokesperson for the Ploinks Secure Personal Capsule™ (“Ploinks SPC™”). Mr. Rossetti will also serve as a member of Ploinks, Inc.’s and Vertical’s Advisory Board.

Stephen Rossetti comes to Vertical with broad expertise in advising companies and organizations involved with healthcare, finance, technology and national security. He is a former professional staffer with the House Armed Services Committee and served in the Clinton Administration as a defense infrastructure and personnel expert.

Richard Wade, President and CEO of Vertical and Ploinks, Inc. stated that “given his extensive background in government relations, Steve is an ideal spokesperson and will be an instrumental asset in assisting us promote Ploinks SPC™. He also adds a great dimension and capabilities to our team as we work to engage partners and increase awareness of the vast capabilities presented by the entire suite of Vertical and Ploinks® products.”

Stephen Rossetti added, “Vertical comes at the right place with the right solution at the right time. Its applications in a wide range of verticals are virtually limitless especially as professionals and companies seek enhanced privacy and security for the Internet of things, secure interpersonal communications, and other areas where complete privacy and data ownership is at a premium. Ploinks SPC™ solves the problems of individuals which have been concerned about their data migrating to the cloud and then being subjected to unbridled copying, hacking, and unauthorized theft and profiteering from their content, data and creations,”

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