Launch of Ploinks Secure Personal Capsule™ Takes Control of Personal Data and Communications Away from Cloud Service Providers and Places It Back into the Hands of Consumers

Richardson, Texas, August 31, 2017--Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. (VCSY) (OTCBB: VCSY) announced today that Ploinks, Inc., a subsidiary of Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. will launch its Ploinks Secure Personal Capsule™ (Ploinks SPC™) by September 15, 2017. Ploinks SPC™, gives people the ability to shift their personal data and communications from cloud service provider(s) to their own personal server located on their mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and to back up on their personal computer (or storage device) using the Puddle™

For the first time ever, this unique capability eliminates the risk of losing control of data to cloud service providers by providing a secure line of communication with data that is not uploaded to any of the cloud data centers that people typically use to store, share, and communicate with others.

With Ploinks SPC™, consumers can now download their own server onto their mobile devices to take back control and protect their communications, creation, content, and privacy.

This breakthrough technology, being launched by Ploinks, Inc., provides the secure communications capability that consumers, professionals, and industries have yearned for.

Ploinks SPC™ solves the problems of companies and consumers who are concerned about their data migrating to the Cloud and then being subjected to unbridled copying, hacking, and unauthorized theft and profiteering from their personal content, data and creations,” said Stephen Rossetti, a spokesman for Ploinks, Inc.

“Ploinks SPC™ enables private and secure communications between its users while bringing ownership of data back to the person who created it,” said Rossetti. “Data is created and secured on your own mobile device and automatically backed up with your own “Puddle™”, which is a Ploinks® application that is installed on a Windows-based PC or NAS (Network Area Storage device) that can be used for data backup and synchronization, completely avoiding the Cloud where your data is always vulnerable to hacking, theft, replication and sale.”

“The key ingredient of Ploinks SPC™ is the creation of a new personal network that consists only of trusted friends. With Ploinks SPC™, there are no anonymous friends since Ploinks SPC™ users must select each trusted friend from their own contacts (using an actual phone number); and each person selected to be added as a trusted friend must agree or reject the offer.”

Ploinks SPC™ has special relevance for professionals who have direct client relationships where they do not want to risk uploading or having their data passed through the Cloud to communicate. Ploinks SPC™ also prevents unauthorized use, replication and dissemination over the web of personal proprietary data (such as images and text messages). Ploinks SPC™ provides a major advantage to celebrities and professionals who are concerned that the web and the Cloud enable pirating of their personal images, data and communications,” Rossetti added.

“And, when content is shared with another Ploinks SPC™ user, it can be pulled back at any time to prevent further viewing (true disappearing images and communication). Unlike an email, image or text message that you accidentally send, with Ploinks SPC™, a user can eliminate viewing content and it will immediately vanish as if it never existed,” Rossetti continued.

“Ploinks SPC™ is ideal for consumers and professionals who want to protect and control their personal data and make it available only to those people who they want to see it.

Most consumers don’t realize that once they create their data and place it on social media or the Web, they typically lose ownership rights as well as control of their own content,” Rossetti asserted. “Ploinks SPC™ app stops this cold and gives control back to the individual who created it.”

“Because data in Ploinks SPC™ is fully contained on your mobile device and on your own PC, if you lose your mobile phone, you can purge the data on the lost device and it doesn’t reside anywhere else except in your Puddle™ (on your PC or storage device). The user can quickly restore the data residing on the Puddle to a new smartphone or mobile device.”

“Smart consumers will start setting up their own secure communications communities, relieving themselves of the age-old problems of unauthorized and uncontrolled use of their data, whether intentionally through the sale of their data by a Cloud-based service that stores their data, unintentionally through hacking of Cloud-based centralized servers or hacking of your personal phone” said Rossetti.

The Ploinks SPC™ acts as a deterrent against other intrusive apps on your device getting access to your personal information. For example, other mobile apps that routinely request access to your photo and other data are barred from accessing any data that you store within the Ploinks SPC™. So long as you do not move your data out of Ploinks SPC™, your data in Ploinks® is protected.

Consumers and professionals who have Android smartphones and other enabled devices, can download Ploinks® and get their own personal Ploinks SPC™ by going to or Ploinks® on Google Play. The Ploinks SPC™ costs $4.99 per month. While Ploinks® users can still communicate with anyone on the Internet, the security and content ownership and control features only apply when a Ploinks® user communicates with other Ploinks® users.


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Ploinks, Inc., is a software company that develops personal private communications products. “Ploinks®” is a personal private communications channel, which, together with the Puddle™, a complementary product that provides a backup solution for personal data of Ploinks® users, form the Ploinks Secure Personal Capsule™. The company is also developing “Ploinks for Business™”, a private communication product for businesses who wish to communicate with their outside constituents, including fans, customers, clients and other third parties (like distributors). Ploinks, Inc. is a subsidiary of Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. (OTCQB: VCSY). To keep up with the latest Ploinks news, please visit and our Twitter feed at (or by searching for “@PloinksInc” on Twitter).