FORM 8-K: Ploinks SPC™ and Voice Component Beta Testing

Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. (the “Company” or “Registrant”) has developed a core communication platform using the Company’s proprietary application interface software based on patented and patent-pending applications, coupled with other intellectual property owned by or licensed to the Company.

The Company’s subsidiary, Ploinks, Inc. (“Ploinks”), is currently beta-testing the Puddle™ component of the Ploinks Secure Personal Capsule™ (the “Ploinks SPC™”). The Ploinks SPC™ encapsulates the Ploinks® mobile application (on Android), Ploinks Connect™ (a patented server technology), and the “Puddle™, which is the Ploinks® application that is installed on a Windows-based PC or NAS (network area storage device) and is used for data backup and synchronization. The Ploinks SPC™ operates as a true peer-to-peer solution with no centralized server. The Company believes that all data and transmissions of data within the Ploinks SPC™ will be protected from any intrusion at all points in time.

In addition, the Company has developed and is now beta-testing a new application that may be used within the Ploinks SPC™: Peer-to-Peer, End-to-End Encrypted Voice Calling. This new feature will be known as Ploinks Talk™ and will provide the same security and privacy benefits Ploinks SPC™ users have when sharing data with one another. And, just as with content shared between users, there is no centralized server intermediary involved in voice calls between Ploinks SPC™ users.

While the features described above have not been commercially released, the Ploinks® mobile app along with the companion Ploinks Connect™ app are available for Android users at the Google Play Store.

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The patent for the invention titled “Mobile Proxy Server for Internet Server Having a Dynamic IP Address” for Claims 1-20 will be issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on July 18, 2017 (Patent No. 9710425). The term “IP” stands for “Internet Protocol,” which is the principal communications protocol for the Internet. This patented technology is incorporated in the Ploinks SPC™ and the Company’s core communication platform.