The Power of Technology

Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. (VCSY) is an international provider of application software, cloud-based and software services, Internet core technologies, and intellectual property assets with offices in the United States, Canada and Brazil.

VCSY currently markets the following administrative software products:

  • emPath®, a payroll and human resources solutions distributed through its subsidiary, NOW Solutions, Inc.. Empath® meets the needs of medium and large entities and is licensed as an in-house or a cloud-based solution.
  • SnAPPnet™, a fillable-forms based credentialing product for doctors and nurses offered through its subsidiary SnAPPnet, Inc. SnAPPnet™ is offered as a cloud-based service.

Products VCSY is currently developing include:

  • PTS™, a time and attendance software application developed by its subsidiary Priority Time Systems, Inc.
  • A private communication platform, based upon its patented technologies, that eliminates the central server component in communications over the Internet by placing a web server on a mobile device.
  • Ploinks™, the first application to be built upon the VCSY private communication platform, provides users with the ability to protect and transmit their images, messages and videos in a manner where the user maintains control of that data.

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